Collaborative Therapeutic Neurocognitive Assessment

We specialize in comprehensive psychological testing and evaluation for children, teenagers, and adults. Our process is integrative with an exploratory approach. We partner with you, using applied neuroscientific tools, clinical neuropsychological instruments, and psychological methods to investigate how and why before diagnosing or labeling the “what.”  

The Collaborative Therapeutic Neurocognitive Assessment (CTNA) model was developed as a personalized medicine and healing tool to support the diverse and various needs of individuals in our community. None of us are the same. Research and clinical studies have helped us understand what is helpful or true for large populations or subsets of our society.  But, in our work, we found that human beings are unique and can change, grow, develop and thrive throughout the lifespan. The industry standard of assessment didn’t seem helpful to many of our clients and patients. Instead, we developed a thorough model that supports clients’ curiosity about their own well-being and how their brains might be working in a manner that we refer to as neurodiversity. You will make the decisions about what is helpful versus an insurance company.  
You might be a good fit for our process if you struggle to understand why your workplace or school seems more challenging to manage than others. Or if relationships and social interactions are complicated and you have difficulty. Maybe you are unable to find meaning in your experiences and often feel disconnected or just stressed out, unsure where to turn! Many of our clients are curious if they or their child might be struggling with a learning disorder (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia), attention disorder (ADD/ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, racial trauma, toxic stress, memory loss, anxiety, or other psychological and cognitive concerns.   
CTNA can help figure out if it’s truly a clinical concern, typical developmental issues, cognitive reactions to stress, lack of study skills, or something else – unique to your life experiences.  

What CTNA Includes 

While there is often variability in testing depending on your specific question(s) and concerns, core elements include: 
  • 90-minute initial interactive meeting to get context and history
  • Review of previous and current records
  • 8-16 hours of face-to-face testing (IQ, learning style, executive functions, memory, cognitive processing, and personality)
  • Several electronic questionnaires & behavioral checklists
  • Interactive storytelling to make meaning of your experiences 
  • 90-minute feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations

Please contact us  if you’re interested in exploring CTNA for yourself or your child. We’re happy to answer any questions and help determine if it is a good fit for you.

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